Meet Allen Finch, our new Patron

Meet Allen Finch, our new Patron

Allen has nearly 30 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and U.S. political leaders alike. Initially, Allen served the political marketing needs of a number of U.S. officeholders and candidates and participated in policy work that gave rise to the Internet. Later, as CEO of one of the largest Washington DC-based technology-marketing consultancies, Allen was credited with successful product and service launches for companies like Microsoft, HP and Sprint.

Allen later took on a turnaround-bid with networking giant Cabletron Systems, and as head of marketing, product and business development, helped turn the company — and the stock price around. Allen subsequently lent his considerable business and marketing expertise — and backing to the start-up and sale of a variety of successful hardware, software and service companies, which ultimately brought him to the founding of his current company, ViaMetric.

Today, representing many of the biggest brands in business, ViaMetric is credited with having set a new quality standard in the marketing industry through its ‚marketing as sales’ guarantee. The company’s combination of digital, web and social outreach connects clients with companies and executives that need their products, or services — guaranteed. Serving hundreds of customers since he ‚opened the doors’ in 2004, Viametric has come to be known in the marketing industry as the, ‚e-Harmony of business’ for the quality of the connections it routinely makes for clients.

Allen graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Communications and Journalism, which is where he first met Howard.

I’ve known Howard since he was doing his Post-Doc at the University of Iowa. Reporting for the local paper as a 19 year old, I came to a very early understanding of the magnitude of Howard’s drive and vision to stem the scourge of Cancer — his quest. That was 38 years ago. Since that time, I have followed Howard’s dizzying pace of work and growth: Beginning with monoclonal antibodies, to HIV, Gulf War Syndrome, Mad Cow disease and more. Where I could, I have always helped. With the media, with Congress and with the CDC and FDA. Why? Howard’s one of my longest and dearest friends. But more than anything, this quest, this journey is Howard’s life.