Meet Krzysztof Samborski, CEO in Testin and a patron of THE QUEST

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Meet Krzysztof Samborski, CEO in Testin and a patron of THE QUEST

– The Testin company is one of the main partners of the Project. Where does the idea to support “The Quest” come from? Did it take you long to decide to work with the moviemakers?

– It was an obvious decision to us. We had known Andrzej Miękus, the director of the movie, for years. This is a long-term cooperation, and involves many projects. We are glad that also this time Andrzej – a publisher, moviemaker and businessman – had faith in us and offered to cooperate on The Quest project. Certainly, what also helped to make this decision was the fact, that we had been involved in the healthcare industry and actively engaged in many projects for several years. The Quest is undoubtedly another one of them – let me tell you straight away – it’s a life changing project. It’s part of our motto, because we work for the handicapped and disabled, which resulted in the Lodołamacze 2017 award. Once we got to know the idea that stands behind The Quest, we immediately decided to support it, using our skills and experience.
I have to admit, though, that the decision to support The Quest also had a personal basis for my beloved Parents.

– Internet users who visit value the site very high. What do you think causes such a positive feedback?

– We would like to thank everyone for the words of appreciation! We are pleased to have created The Quest website. This is a challenge because The Quest is a global project. It will reach audiences in the United States, Asia and Europe. Andrzej Miękus wanted that the project were unique, not just a typical landing page devoted to the movie, but to present a much wider aspect of the whole project. As Howard Urnovitz says in the trailer, it can be a breakthrough moment in the fight against cancer. As with all our clients, we provide the project with high quality services. We also take care of programming, SEO optimization and promotion on social media. We need The Quest to reach as many audiences as possible. We also edit some texts that are published on the website. It’s a really special project for us. Money becomes irrelevant. While working on the project, we are accompanied by a sense of mission, awareness that together we do something really good and important for humanity. Being part of this kind of project is an honor for all our team members. We know that The Quest will change lives of many people and will pay homage to the renowned American scientist, Howard Urnovitz. We can never be sure that the topic of cancer will not concern us or our loved ones.

– You’ve mentioned that Testin is no stranger to the healthcare industry. What projects can you boast about?

– In our portfolio, there are many projects that touch upon health matters, carried out for Polish as well as foreign clients. All can be viewed on our website: Currently, we are involved in: Chronix Biomedical, Modern Cancer Diagnostic and Zdrojowisko. We created these sites from scratch. Today, our duties include running social media, SEO optimization, and creating texts for company blogs. Testin is also behind the design of Moda na Zdrowie (Fashion for Health) or Advanced Cancer Diagnostics. I am delighted that The Quest is now a part of our portfolio. It’s an honor, but also a challenge. We will do everything we can to rise to it.